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Residential renovation business

 We want to become the closest to the local about home.

Business area
residential renovation and plumbing work
At all places, Nagato, Hagi, Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi, and Ube, we have the system of renovation work. We supply high-quality renovation at low costs by accumulating experience of deals for a long time, and synergetic effects with another department.

Real estate business

 The core business generating Build’s synergy.

Business area
intermediation of deals of used residences, and renovation.
As the core business of “Re-business”, we handle intermediation of deals of used residences and renovation. We purchase used residences, renovate them, and sell them. In the process, we can supply high-quality residences at low costs through collaborating with building materials, scaffold businesses, and so on.

Demolition business

 Accommodate from demolition works to wastes disposal with just one stop service.

Business area
Demolition works, recycling business, and wastes disposal.
From small-scale disassembly around houses such as sheds and garden fences, to large-scale items such as factories, warehouses, and dismantling of large commercial facilities. We deal with waste disposal by demolishing as well as construction as one-stop service. We can eliminate wasteful intermediate costs for our own construction so we can offer demolishing work inexpensively.

Environment and Recycle business

 We have one of the best waste disposal capacity in the prefecture at environment recycling department.

Business area
Waste disposal and recycling business.
We have not only the integrated intermediate disposal facility for waste, but also the stable final disposal site at Nagato City (Carrot Tamura). In addition, we have more than 600 collection boxes so we can offer the collection service corresponding to customer’s request. We will achieve a safe and secured disposal flow with consistent disposal system from collecting and transporting waste to the intermediate disposal and the final disposal by the strength of the organization of Tamura Builds Group.

Scaffold business

 40 professionals in scaffold work are in our company. It is one of the largest number of professionals in Yamaguchi prefecture.

Business area
Rental of building and dismantling scaffold.
We stock various types of scaffolds and many optional products that can deal with complicated shapes and narrow areas. We have more than 40 professionals at three hubs: Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, and Nagato, covering whole area of Yamaguchi prefecture.

Building material business

 Massive product lineup of building materials with multihued delivery.

Business area
Sales of houses and building materials.
Tamura Builds aims for quick order work and multihued delivery. We achieve quick and low-cost goods supply from retail stores, mass merchandisers, distributors with our own delivery network.

Company Information

Tamura Bills Inc.

Company Name Tamura Bills Inc.
Date of Establishment January 1, 1972
Representative Pres. Yoshiyuki Tamura
Head Office 363-7 Shimoosaba Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-0212, Japan
Tel: (+81)83-941-0880 Fax: (+81)83-941-0881
Branch Offices
  • Fukuoka Office

    First Prince Building 8-13 Gioncho Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 759-4101, Japan

  • Nagatto Main Office

    653-2 Higashifukawa Nagato-shi Yamaguchi, 759-4101, Japan
    Tel: (+81)837-22-2036 Fax: (+81)837-22-2646

  • Hagi Branch Office

    2201-1 Tsubaki Hagi-shi Yamaguchi, 758-0061, Japan
    Tel: (+81)838-25-7160 Fax: (=81)838-25-7803

  • Yamaguchi Branch Office

    1138-1 Miyanoshita Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-0011, Japan
    Tel: (+81)83-921-7855 Fax: (+81)83-921-7856

  • Shimonoseki Branch Office

    1240-1 Hukuemachi Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi, 759-6601, Japan
    Tel: (+81)83-262-1460 Fax: (+81)83-262-1461

  • “Real Estate Department” HouseDo Yamaguchi-Hirakawa Store

    400-1 Kurokawa Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 753-0851, Japan
    Tel: (+81)83-921-6515 Fax: (+81)83-921-6516

  • “Real Estate Department” HouseDo Ube Store

    1-6-15 Higashifujimagari Ube-shi, Yamaguchi, 755-0026, Japan
    Tel: (+81)836-39-7377 Fax: (+81)836-39-7378

  • “Real Estate Department” HouseDo Yamaguchi-Ogori Store

    5-5-3 Ogorishinmachi Yamaguchi-shi, Yamaguchi, 754-0031, Japan
    Tel: (+81)83-976-8444 Fax: (+81)83-976-8444

  • “Real Estate Department” HouseDo Houfukotobukicho Store

    4-17 Kotobukicho Houfu-shi, Yamaguchi, 747-809, Japan
    Tel: (+81)835-28-1120 Fax: (+81)835-28-1130

  • First-Class Architect Office

  • Scaffold Materials Yard (Yamaguchi, Shimonoseki, Nagato)

  • Housing Renovation Showroom (Nagato)

Capital ¥ 58,300,000
Major Business Area Scaffold Work, Housing Renovation Work, New Construction Work (Senkindo FC), Used Housing Transaction and Intermediation (HouseDo FC), Sales of Building Materials
Number of Employees 64


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